Leah Casper

This year Casper has teamed up with 4 world class musicians from Northern Colorado. Come listen to the LuneAseas musical team as they collaborate on new music, songs of inspiration, and music from the likes of David Bowie, Neil Young, and Queen .  Casper's music incorporates intricate polyrhythms, embellished with subtle arpeggios played on a variety of instruments including piano, harp, cello, and melodica. Her soulful and gritty vocals are reminiscent of a blend between Norah Jones and Bjork, and her music is heavily influenced by a diverse range of genres such as rock, blues, jazz, electronica, metal, punk, and ska. Leah's music is further distinguished by her unique rhythms and her unconventional worldview, resulting in a sound that is politically incorrect yet entirely her own. Her lyrics touch on bold and provocative themes, expressing messages that we may all feel but often lack the courage to say ourselves.

Leah Casper is a multi-disciplined artist who transitions between various forms of art, including music, dance, and theater. As the director of LuneAseas, she collaborates with a team of creative storytellers to produce unique performances that incorporate dance, music, and theater. 

As a veteran of the U.S. Army and a single parent of two, Leah has honed her leadership and time management skills, and remains focused on pursuing her passion for creating art and pushing boundaries in her field.