Inside the Mind

Inside the Mind is a fusion reggae band that calls Northern Colorado their home. Led by frontman Darrin Williams, formerly from the hip hop group Diverge and Ethix, their music is a unique blend of catchy hooks, electric synths, walking bass lines, hip hop elements, and reggae roots.

The band's live performances are a high-energy experience, with Jeff Koska on bass, Aaron Cochran on guitar, Connor Hammond on drums, Matt Becker on trumpet and backup vocals, and Darrin playing guitar, keys and lead vocals. Their music has been gaining popularity among reggae enthusiasts in Colorado and beyond, with their debut EP "Good Ideas" released in 2020 and several singles, including their latest release "Fire in the Sky".

Inside the Mind's music is a reflection of their diverse musical influences, and their commitment to creating something that is both fresh and authentic. They are known for their electrifying live shows that leave audiences wanting more. With their innovative sound and dynamic stage presence, Inside the Mind is a band that is making a significant impact in the reggae scene