Julian Fulco Perron

Julian Fulco Perron combines elements of power pop, psychedelic rock, disco, funk, and experimental genres to create music that shows his willingness to explore as a multi-instrumentalist and producer.

Influenced by the writing and recording techniques of Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney and Prince, JFP is able to create layers of sound featuring full horn and string sections, mellotron, and vintage keyboards.

Pre-Pandemic, JFP could be found fronting 21 Taras, an eclectic, Denver-based rock outfit, leading with a swagger and performative charm that rendered the band a sight to see.

JFP debuted a solo release on July 11th, 2020 entitled Dreamland in which he leaned fully into lush, beautiful, and disorienting psychedelia. Bolder Beat said in their album review, "Often through Beatles-esque transitions and studio wizardry, Julian weaves a common thread throughout his music whether he’s playing the stylings of early-seventies rock, bee-bop, or 60s psychedelia."

Julian’s sophomore album In My Garden which was released on November 11th, 2022, is a folk-rock-inspired expedition, giving the audience a look into Julian’s evolving creativity. Driven by acoustic guitar and layered vocal harmony, In My Garden provides the listener with a retro twist on modern folk/rock. Westword alluded to the very 1970s vibe in their review of the album; saying “The record also takes sonic cues from the post-Beatles psychedelic pop of Paul McCartney, as well as the non-surf music the Beach Boys started putting out around the same time.”​

The start of 2023 garnered extensive radio play for Julian; including from Colorado's largest independent radio station, Indie 102.3 when he was featured by them as an artist of the month for January. JFP continued to make waves throughout the spring by securing coveted festival slots at events like FoCoMX and Parker Days, while also sharing the stage with acclaimed national acts such as platinum-awarded songwriter Katie Toupin, California-based surf rockers Archer Oh!, and Brooklyn-based female-led disco queens Say She She.

Coming off of a European tour in the fall of 2023, Julian sets his eyes on the release of his third full-length LP; which has been described as a “late 70s era classic funk, soul and disco-inspired effort” with influences for the record including The Bee Gees, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Nile Rodgers and ABBA.