Over the past five years, Ploom has become a staple of the Denver psych rock music scene. Their 2020 self-titled debut EP was a blend of gritty lo-fi sounds, glistening psych rock guitar tones, dynamic vocal melodies, pumping rhythm, and creative time signature changes. Since then, Ploom has steadily produced singles that display their versatility. With the 2023 release of On the Clock, the band continued to explore time changes and once again showed listeners a different side with a more somber tune that contained a frenetic shift at the end.

Ploom frequents the stage with local favorites The Crooked Rugs, Lost Toms, Honey Blazer, Sour Magic, and Moonlight Bloom. They have also played with national touring acts such as The Nude Party, Bear Call, WEEED, Easy Honey, and Boa. The band will host the fourth annual Psych's Peak music festival in the mountains this July.