Charlie Stevens Band

The Charlie Stevens Band aims to challenge the boundaries between genres while keeping a strong connection to the traditions of Bluegrass music.


The Charlie Stevens Band draws from the hard-driving sounds of the Bluegrass world to create new, and exciting, acoustic music. 

In addition to Bluegrass, they are influenced by various other styles rooted in the American tradition. Most notably, Rock and Roll, and the Blues.

Cover songs range widely. Including: traditional Bluegrass, such as Bill Monroe and The Stanley Brothers; progressive Bluegrass, such as David Grisman and John Hartford; Rock and Roll, such as The Grateful Dead, Cream, and The Allman Brothers; and even current artists like Billy Strings.

Charlie's original songs attempt to blend all of these influences together in a way that's fresh and fun to listen to. Up-tempo tunes featuring blazing fast solos, and powerhouse vocals, make this an exciting group to see live, regardless of musical preference!