mon cher

In English, the French phrase, “mon cher,” translates to “my dear.”

And to Meghan Holton, the Denver-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who goes by the artist name mon cher, her fans are her dears. Every song she writes and performs is in service to them. 

She wants them to dance. She wants them to smile. She wants them to experience a transcendent, evocative feeling. Like a deep ocean wave. Floating in the blue water, untethered to anything, but still connected to everything. Since experiencing that connection herself through music, she has only wanted to catalyze that connection in others. 

Meghan had an early upbringing learning the guitar, but there was a time when she never thought she could produce her own music. Now she produces all her music herself including mon cher’s numerous singles, an EP, and two full-length albums. There was also a time when she never thought she could mix and master her music, but she did all the mixing and mastering for her most recent album, sweet & heady, which was released in late 2023.

Throughout this journey, one of her closest dears, her partner, Caitlyn, has been a huge supporter, encouraging her to pursue music without compromise, and occasionally assisting with production. Now, their connection defines mon cher as Caitlyn provides drums for the live set while Meghan sings, and plays guitar, keys, and electronics. 

As a band, they’ve performed at revered venues in Denver including the Underground Music Showcase and Levitt Pavillion, opening for the indie-rock sensation, Soccer Mommy. Most recently they were voted one of the top 15 Best Local Artists from Denver’s premiere music station, Indie 102.3. 

They have also toured the Midwest and West Coast United States hitting prominent rooms like Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, Love Song Bar in Los Angeles, and the Burlington Bar in Chicago.

mon cher is bringing more dears into the fold with every passing day, and she is excited to continue serving them with more evocative, transcendent moments as her reach grows further and further.