Choice City Seven

Born in the foothills of the Rockies, but rooted in the sounds of modern soul, powerhouse funk, and smooth 60’s R&B, Choice City Seven is an eight-piece band with a big city sound. Their live shows bring people together in celebration of down-home, no-frills, good music. The band is held together by a talented and textured rhythm section – Logan Doddridge (drums), Sean Jaster (keys), John McKay (guitar), and Jeremiah Teague (bass). The horns bring just the right boom – Greta Cornett (trumpet), John Giordanengo (trombone), Phuong Nguyen (sax). The band is fronted by a charismatic and soulful singer – Chris Leck (vocals). It started one night in a cramped practice room when 3 members of 12 Cents for Marvin each brought a friend with the goal of exploring and writing new music that sounded like whatever made them feel good at the time, no matter what genre it was. The result is a sound for everyone. From people who just want to dance to groovy hooks to heady jazz nerds. 2017 marked a major accomplishment for the band with the release of their debut album “Freshman Year.” “By the time we recorded the album, we had spent so much time together as a band and as good friends,” explains Sean Jaster, keyboard player and songwriter. “We really wanted to present an album of snapshots of us growing together. That’s why there’s such a wide range of songs.” Choice City Seven is more than a band. It’s a family where everyone feels like they belong. Audience members are never strangers. They’re just long lost cousins invited to join the party.