Circles we Draw

Circles We Draw is an up-and-coming rock trio based out of Denver, Colorado with modern Indie Rock tendencies and heavy arrangement influences from Folk, Jazz and 60s/70s era Rock n Roll. Consisting of songwriter Andrew Tallent (vocals/guitar), Robert Dixon (bass/vocals), Stephenie Cass (keyboards/vocals) and Scott Viscardi (drums), they formed over 2020 and quickly gelled around a sound that seemed to reference a good deal of rock history, while at the same time sounding like nobody in particular. Because of these different inspirations, the Circles We Draw sound defies easy classification thus creatinng a new form of Rock&Roll, "Retro Vague Rock" music. Signed to Kinda Vague records in 2021 they come to the label with a sizable catalog of songs that exemplify this new genre. Their thre singles “Fears I Call My Own” and "Icarus" and "Endles  Pathways" are out now on all streaming platforms and digital music outlets with physical media and live shows to follow in 2023/2024