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Sponsored Content is an extreme rhythmic propaganda band influenced by Cake and System of a Down fronted by co-founder of The Salt Lick Records, Captcha. Captcha is on a tirade against bots and misinformation. He fights propaganda with propaganda, and everyone ends up thoroughly confused. His enemies don’t even know what enemies are. He’s on a quest for a world that no longer exists, and a truth that was never true.

The band is a supergroup of Denver’s unknown music legends. Chris Voss, the multi-instrumentalist producer of Silver Screen Fantasy, brings moody counterpoint bass grooves to the band’s syncopated and funky rhythms. Multi-instrumentalist & Producer John Baldwin finds himself on a drum throne and guides the band through complicated meter changes and modulations. Lead guitarist and vocalist, Captcha, melds together off-kilter rhythm guitar in tandem with his befuddled inquisitive vocals.