cody is the colo project of Jakob Mueller from Slow Caves: I started writing for this project randomly one night after a long spring tour with my band, Slow Caves. I was at my parents’ house and picked up my new guitar, a Squier Bass VI and was feeling particularly angsty. Over the course of an hour or so I wrote 7 or 8 songs that came from a stream of consciousness. None of the songs had proper structures or lyrics, but came directly from the heart. The DIY scene in Fort Collins was absolutely wild in the summer of 2019. There were so many cool venues and bands trying new things. I was so inspired and wanted to get involved, so I decided to start Cody with this batch of songs and start playing solo sets on an acoustic and bass VI. The project never became much more than songs that existed in my voice memos and in house venues. Until now… Press photo by Ben Ward