David Allen Eye

Music was a big part of the cultural landscape of the 1960's I grew up in. Lots of music and musicians in the small  own of Palo, Iowa. The coolest sounds back then, were not from the local hot rods or chopper bikes in town, but my neighbors Epiphone Casino guitar, and his band. And I had to be part of that action (and  was a few years later) I also spent a lot of time in South Florida were I had family, the constant road trips shaped me musically. I was singing in grade school / church, and guitar playing in 6th grade (Age 10) acoustic 6 string, later moving to electric bass guitar. I played in jazz, bands and musicals all through school as well as gigging in Blues / rock bands. I studied music at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Ia in High School, studying Music Composition, starting to write my own songs. Most of my music education came outside of school where I jammed with, and played in bands with several accomplished musicians. I gigged all through the 1970's as a bass player opening up for some national acts, playing large shows. I am still playing some of that music from back then and proud of it. In the 80's in college I studied acoustic guitar, and developed the style I play today.

Anyway, my musical journey has been a long one, and has faced some unanticipated obstacles and interruptions too complex for here. I have gotten frustrated and quit a few times only to have friends, family and therapists do interventions on my behalf- they know what's good for me- guitar playing and music. I took about 10 years off which was good for me. I am back now and better and more than ever.