Menyuska started in early 2022, with Menyus Borocz on guitar and vocals.

Released the first single in March '22. The same year Tobias Bank joined on  drums, Amber Johnson on bass and finally Justin Loendorf on guitar.

The band recorded their debut EP in late September at the Blasting Room with Andrew Berlin and Jason Livermore, and released it in February '23.

Mason Rogers replaced Amber Johnson on bass in March '23 and the band is to record their 2nd EP in May '23 at the Blasting Room.

"Finding the Time", the band's 2nd EP, was released in September '23, and the band played 2 release shows at the Atrium im FoCo, and at the Skylark Lounge in Denver.

The band is getting ready to record a new EP in March '24.