Anthony Arras

Anthony Arras lets his songs speak for themselves and when it comes to his experiences and he has a way of leaving the listener focused on an introspective journey, down a path that is gentle and revealing. 
Born and raised on the Front Range of Colorado, Anthony has learned to express himself though many different iterations of the same artist, always returning to the same soul. He has taken the deep dark journey himself and has come out with a light, a beacon to others, bringing them closer to themselves. 
In 2020 Anthony Arras recorded a full length while spending time in Nashville, and after a couple years his debut effort "Toothy Grin"  is being released Spring 2023. 
With many things to look forward to this summer make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Anthony Arras coming to a stage near you. Be sure to check out Anthony's previous EPs where ever you listen to music and follow along on all platforms. Thank you for the love!