4:32 AM

"4:32 AM" is an alternative rap duo who grew up together in Glenwood Springs, later moving to the Northern Colorado area for college in the years 2017 and 2019. The duo consists of rapper/producer Cy Jamison Hassell and rapper/producer Erich Albrecht. 

Their self titled tape "4:32 AM" that released last year is one that many are calling their best work. With too many standout tracks to list, it is clear that 4:32 AM is on a level of their own.

Their breakout performance at The Lyric at 2023's FOCO MX was one to remember; with DJ collaboration from Local CSU Alumni, music producer, and jazz composer Aidan Debie. 

Another 4:32 AM highlight, was their electric performance at 830 North in last summer. Rapping over conceptual upbeat industrial analog instrumentals, with drum collaboration from Thaddeus Rozkuszka from Sonar. 

In their last few years of traction, they have organically gained a consistent 250+ monthly listeners. The Northern Colorado underground rap scene is only better with the refreshing new sound of those 4:32 AM boys.