Rev. da IV

In the Mountain West’s virtually untapped goldmine of drill-inspired savants and SoundCloud-savvy mumble rappers, there is a hidden gem named Rev. da IV (born Havea “Harvey” Tukutau) ready to put Colorado hip-hop on the map. Born in Denver and raised in Wyoming and Utah before returning to Colorado, Rev. has built up a strong network of artists scattered all over the Mountain West. By collaborating with artists from different regions, he has collected a range of influences while also developing his own multi-faceted sound. Inspired by the raw exuberance of Chicago rap wunderkinds like Chance the Rapper, Smino, and Saba, Rev. brings a much-needed freshness to Colorado’s burgeoning hip-hop scene. Now based in Greeley, Colorado, Rev. made a splash with his debut single “Better Days,” released in July of 2018. The infectious track, which was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Professor Fox, premiered on the Chicago blog 4th Shore Hip Hop and quickly gained traction among listeners across the country. Following the release of “Better Days,” Rev. got the opportunity to sharpen his live performance chops, performing all over Denver and Northern Colorado alongside local acts like Devin Tremell and Mitchell James.

​​Notably, in 2019, Rev. opened for Phony Ppl during the Denver stop of their Mo’Zai-ik Tour, at the iconic Denver venue Cervantes’ Other Side. He then kicked off 2020 with the catchy single “Scrunchie Gang,” featuring one of the most prolific rappers in Colorado, Schama Noel. In May of 2020, Rev. da IV released his debut EP, Oh YAWP!, which caught the attention of the Colorado publication Westword. Westword journalist Cleo Mirza wrote, “Favoring real instruments over synths and drum beats, the album is mellow yet bouncy, playful and sunny, but still dripping with attitude and swagger.” Finally making his post-pandemic return to the stage, Rev. da IV performed alongside Sol & Sam Lachow in October 2021.

Since his return in October of 2021, Rev. da IV has captivated over 40 different live crowds across Colorado, Utah, and California doing a variety of different types of shows such as opening for Chingy and The Ying Yang Twins, performing at halftime of college basketball games, and rapping his songs inside the squared circle of independent wrestling rings. Building off of that momentum, Tukutau collaborated with D1 Drex to create TOAST which caught the attention of many notable independent platforms such as Early Rising and That Good Sh*t. Along with national recognition, Rev. was granted the opportunity to be a featured artist on Colorado Public Radio station Indie 102.3 with TOAST as well as Better Days. Rev. da IV has many collaborations in forms of singles, EP’s, and most notably being featured on an album with Murs. Expect to see the young Colorado rapper’s name on your timelines and music feeds in the near future.