Corsicana is Denver musician Ben Pisano's sometimes-cathartic-sometimes-serene love letter to indie rock. Electronic flourishes cocoon delicately plucked guitars, and cassette-warped keys are blanketed atop tape-saturated drums. Lyrics explore personal struggles and tangible experiences as if they were a dream only vaguely recalled months later. Meditative, introspective, & literary songwriting is the priority here, though never at the expense of memorable melodies and phrases that might slink their way into the subconscious. 

Kept, the 3rd full-length from Corsicana, began as a series of sparse, intimate voice memos. Songs manifested as a means to work through the emotional turmoil that permeated Pisano’s first few years of adulthood. Having primarily been written and recorded in Pisano’s childhood home, the arrangement and production found across Kept’s 11 tracks feel as one might expect: nostalgic, understated, and, ultimately, inextricable from the emotional arc of the record itself. 

Corsicana has become an established artist in the Colorado music scene since their debut in 2014, having opened for acts such as Devotchka, Hippo Campus, Deep Sea Diver, The Greeting Committee, & Wye Oak, among others. They have toured the West Coast four times. Kept was released on 10.13.2023.