Doom Scroll

punk stalwarts Elliot Lozier (of We the Heathens and Atrocity Solution) and Taylor Dittman (Broken Bow, Hermit Stew) culled Doom Scroll’s lineup from a circle of friends with similarly high-profile, long term projects. They’re joined by Chatterbox and the Latter Day Satanist’s singer-songwriter Micah Butler, Jon Pizarro of the black metal/folk project Dead Work and Marissa Sendejas, who has pursued a longtime solo career when not making music as a member of CLDS, Chad Hates George or Days N Daze. During the quarantine’s touring hiatus, these road warriors Voltron-ed from afar for a colossal debut album, Immoral Compass, released in 2021. The band describes its sound as “aggressive, melodic punk/crust wave” with complex instrumentation and layers of harmonies knitted from decades of music appreciation and performance.