Elise Wunder/Das Wunder Band

Elise Wunder is a Colorado born songstress blessed with a truly rare voice that distills emotion into song. She has spent years investing, studying, and crafting this instrument. It's a cannon and a paintbrush; a voice of oak and leather with a tone that’s at once comforting, dynamic, and built on a solid stone foundation with a range that listeners don’t forget.

Her songwriting and style are rich and heavy in a way that does not suggest world weariness, so much as it does wisdom and an old soul. Elise is a world traveler who is inspired by experience and culture.  She has traveled to Haiti, Bahamas, Peru, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, etc., and also lived in New Orleans for two years. She steeps all of these ventures into her music. Currently based in Fort Collins, CO, with an entirely new appreciation of home and her community, Elise uses her rich experiences to take listeners on a journey. Through the passionate embrace of love and the hollow ache of solitude, she makes the bitter drink sweet by finding magic in the small moments of day to day living.