ELLSWORTH provides solace while simultaneously challenging the human inclination to escape from negative emotions. Her music offers an alternative solution to our suffering through celebrating our imperfect humanity. ELLSWORTH believes that the experiences we have with darkness connect us and can lead us towards internal peace. ELLSWORTH has been compared to top tier artists such as Regina Spektor and Angus & Julia Stone with her melancholic flair on the folk genre. ELLSWORTH is a story of self-love and encapsulates what happens when true talent finds their voice (Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer). ELLSWORTH’s deeply personal lyrics amplify the voices of her generation and offer comfort through the connection listeners make with her honest storytelling. Dubbed ‘the mental health generation’, the ‘social media generation’, ‘the lost generation’, and many more, these budding adults have endured mass public shootings, an increasingly unstable planet, and a seemingly never ending culture of xenophobia, racism, and hatred. Songs like “Growing Pains” and “Fight or Flight” feel like a breath of fresh air amidst the chaos, and release feelings of fear, pain, or unease that often accompany us through life’s unpredictable trek.