Hailing from the vibrant Bass music scene of Fort Collins, Co, USOM (you-som). He is known for his infectious beats, electrifying drops, and seamless transitions, USOM has been setting dance floors on fire all over Colorado.


With a deep passion for music that started at a young age, USOM has honed his craft over the years, drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres and artists. Whether it's the driving basslines of classic Techno, the groove of Tech House, the slam of Bass House, the soulful melodies of Deep House, or the futuristic soundscapes of new cutting-edge producers. USOM weaves together a sonic and dancey tapestry that is uniquely his own.

In addition to his energetic and fun live sets, USOM is also a budding producer, with a string of releases set to hit platforms next year. From hard-hitting club anthems and edits to introspective, emotionally charged tracks, USOM’s music is a reflection of his boundless creativity, emotions and relentless drive.