Ler Feagin

Ler Feagin (Pronounced Lrr Faygin) is a talented DJ and producer hailing from Northern Colorado. Ler has gained recognition for his unique blend of house music, which draws inspiration from a range of genres including Emo, Heavy Metal, Hip Hop, and Bass Heavy Dance Music. Born and raised in Colorado, Ler's love for music started at a young age, with his earliest musical memories being of his mother playing classic rock and his father playing Metal and Electronic Rock.
As Ler's musical tastes evolved, he became increasingly interested in hip hop and Dance Music. He was inspired by the way these genres combined Catchy bass lines with intricate rhythms and melodies. In 2010 he began experimenting with music production, and incorporating these elements into his own music. He soon discovered house music, which he saw as the perfect platform for combining his diverse range of influences into a cohesive style. There is never a lack of soul in the music he makes or chooses to play. His sets are filled with energy and catchy bass lines that you will enjoy, whether you're deep in the moment at a rave, or you're relaxing at home making dinner.
In addition to DJing and Producing, Ler is also a founding member of Household Collective, and he is responsible for running their label Household Records, which has given opportunity to many up and coming producers around the World.