The Goat Hill Massacre

Rising from the Denver metal scene in 2014, Goat Hill Massacre is a sonically forcible, no non-sense, groove metal band fronted by vocalist Andre Whitehair, alongside guitarist Joe Wilkins, drummer Danielle Wilkins, and bassist Josh Walton. Fueled by commanding riffs, thunderous drumming and ominous lyrics, Goat Hill Massacre has benefitted from a welcoming reception of their albums “Slaughter, Rinse, Repeat” and “Black Water Burial”. While they are a relatively new band, Goat Hill Massacre is already making themselves heard. 


With a sound that is a diverse mix of everything from Cannibal Corpse to The Faceless by way of Pantera, their music rapidly captivated and sizable audience. The sheer determination for their craft has led them to grab attention and even gain sponsorship from notable brands such as Liquid Death, Hosa Tech Cables, WB Gear, SIT Strings and InTune Guitar Picks.


Currently, the band is hammering away on their tertiary album, with sights set on making this the most impactful release put out by the group thus far. This mighty four piece is honing in their songwriting skills and designing their live show to be something truly special, all while growing meaningful connections with their fans. Very few bands are able to match their tenacity in the modern music world. Be prepared as Goat Hill Massacre is driven to be one of the leading names in the modern metal music scene and won't stop until everyone knows who they are.