Grace DeVine

Grace Devine was born, or perhaps reborn, in the bathtub. The year was 2019, and while the 22-year-old singer-songwriter had been musically inclined her whole life, she wasn't sure what the next step toward a solo career would be” (Cleo Mirza, Westword Magazine). She dunked her head under the glittery bath-bomb infested water, and when she came up, she knew what was next.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, and now a proud Denver resident, Grace DeVine is a visionary pop artist who effortlessly fuses the scintillating sounds of disco, pop, and indie music into a captivating sonic experience. Her musical mission is clear: to craft a mystical brand of pop that transcends the ordinary and ventures into the celestial. Drawing inspiration from the cosmos itself—the moon, stars, and spirituality, her music is infused with an otherworldly quality.

Recently voted as one of Denver's Top 15 Local Artists by 303 Magazine and featured in Westword Magazine on three separate occasions, DeVine creates an ethereal listening experience that transports her audience to a world where the mundane meets the supernatural.  With each performance and release, she aims to whisk her listeners away on a journey beyond the boundaries of the known, leaving them spellbound by her celestial art-pop creations.

Dive into her enchanting world and experience pop music like you've never heard it before.