CiCi Eberle

From my first guitar, a venerable Yamaha FG-180 sometime around 1968 through today, music has been a driving force in my life... in 2009 I rediscovered my love of live performance and was introduced back into folk music, playing as part of the Boulder, Colorado original folk group Cynova. Cynova played multiple events: including Boulder Pride, Fort Collins Pride, Freedom to Marry Rallies and Transgender Day of Remembrance events.

My association with Cynova ignited a new passion for songwriting and solo performing, supported with a long, ongoing run at the Rocky Mountain Song School in Lyons, Colorado. In 2013 I left my Colorado home for the Boston area. There, I was nurtured by the incredible people of the folk, house-concert, coffeehouse and club panorama. I recently returned to Colorado and cannot be more excited to explore, support and participate in the happening scene here, as a solo performer, side player, volunteer and all-around super-fan!

In Massachusetts, I had the opportunity to perform and polish my original songs across multiple venues and produce two CD's of original songs with an amazing cast of supporting musicians. I use story and humor to make salient observations on the human condition. Whether I'm writing about a long day at the DMV or a cold walk to the bus stop, I'm always looking for an experience that everyone can relate to. I amplify my song messages with mood appropriate, fingerstyle guitar arrangements derived from a variety of musical styles from jazz to folk to blues...

I am proudly a queer transgender woman, and that has greatly informed my songwriting perspective I strive to make my stories and lyrics accessible to heros, underdogs and all of us other Bozo's-on-the-bus alike.