A lyricist to the core, Hygiene is a producer/emcee in Fort Collins, Colorado. Representing his hometown of Los Angeles and many formative years in Bristol, England (Massive Attack, Banksy), he comes from a background of punk, new wave, east coast boom bap, and all kinds of old experimental music from labels like Ghostly and Constellation.

While there's no doubt he was raised on 80's new wave, hip-hop grabbed his attention in the form of A Tribe Called Quest and Wu-Tang Clan in the early 90's. Hygiene had already written hundreds of poems—hooked on rhythmic lyricism—and hip-hop married his love of lyricism with music, and it started.

Having been taught to play an acoustic drum set by his father, he quickly began composing on electronic drum machines. By the early 2000's, he had joined a 5-man hip-hop group as their producer/DJ, but was quickly pulled into the world of emcee'ing, where he lives today.