DOGTAGS is a queer soul/jazz collective based out of Denver, CO. Built around the real-life relationship of founders Regi Worles and Michael Merola, DOGTAGS embodies friendship, community & acceptance through their vibrantly evocative music. The group exists as an ever-changing array of collaborators and friends who join Worles and Merola, making every DOGTAGS gig a once-in a lifetime collaboration - a case of the “you just had to be there,” intensified by the group’s formidable musicianship, Worles’ ravenous vocals, and a higher purpose to foster connection in a world increasing becoming disconnected. At a DOGTAGS show, no one is a stranger, but everyone is a friend.

To date, the group has played Oktoberfest, The Underground Music Showcase, sold-out their first ever headliner at Dazzle Jazz and have opened for the likes of Slum Village. DOGTAGS much-anticipated debut project is set for release in the Spring of 2024, a neo-soul, jazz, R&B & post-pop collection serving as a proper introduction to the newest dogs on the scene.