Fruta Brutal

Fruta Brutal is a bilingual indie latin rock band hailing from Denver, Colorado. Martín Better Longo, born in Ecuador and raised in the US, is the creative force behind the band. 

Martín found inspiration for forming Fruta Brutal while backpacking across Central and South American countries, taking in their emblematic culture and music. Upon returning to the US, Martín felt as though his identity as a Latin American immigrant had been reborn through music. The songs he wrote while camping and surviving in South America’s diverse nature, and the music he learned in its bustling cities and remote towns, would shape his identity and inspire a purpose to promote cultural diversity as a bilingual, independent artist.

Martín teamed up with Grammy Award-winning New Orleans-based producer, Mack Major, and Denver-based Neoma producer, Danny Pauta for Fruta Brutal's latest EP, "Madre Serpiente." The EP showcases the band’s signature sound, blending indie rock with Latin American genres like reggaeton, as well as traditional sub-genres of South American folklore.