Cass Clayton Band

Cass Clayton Band is a 6-piece, female-fronted band blending influences of funk, soul, rock, and contemporary influences. Cass and co-writer/producer, Taylor Scott, have been praised for their modern approach to songwriting, and they aim to continualluy innovate and provide unexpected twists for themselves and the audience. With this in mind, no two shows are ever the same, with the band effortlessly moving from funk, to a reggae beat to contemporary synthesized sounds, building the energy and dynamics. Their tight chemistry and high-energy stage presence is what keeps them connected with the moment and exploring new musical options. 

Cass Clayton Band has won 6 songwriting awards, garnering positive reviews from AMERICAN SONGWRITER magazine, Guitar Girl Mag, RECORDING MAGAZINE, and many more. Their PLAY NICE album ranked #1 on the National R&B Radio Chart (Roots Music Report) for 11 weeks. The band looks forward to releasing a fourth full-length original album in the Spring of 2024.