SideYard Sanctuary

SideYard Sanctuary began in 2018 in the basement and SideYard of J Hollow in Fort Collins, Colorado. As the sun set over Northern Colorado, a myriad of original grooves of Americana, funk, country, and bluegrass began to flow steadily and a new musical dawn had emerged. Since their rumored inception, there has been an underground buzz brewing about the music coming from J Hollow.

The band is anchored by the keys of Scott “Slats” Davis and inspired guitar creations from Justin “JDubs” Armstrong. Sprinkle in the whimsical genius of Jeremy “Skinny” Mooer on vocals, cajon and trumpet, the sultry upright bass of “Master” Evan Neal, the spiritual guidance of Jason “Father Jasonia” Eckman on guitar, mandolin, and harmonica, and the soulful and sublime lead vocals from Jeremy “Dr. Doobs” Dubin. SideYard Sanctuary is a truly original musical experience that brings its listener on a voyage of originality, exploration, and true inspiration. Their debut album, "Time for a Spacewalk" was launched during the Covid winter of 2020. This 14 track interstellar concept album takes listeners on a genre-bending cosmic journey that ultimately reinforces what we all already knew -- maybe it IS Time for a Spacewalk! 

SideYard Sanctuary has been in the recording studio for most of 2023 and is excited to present their 2nd album in 2024! Check out some of the singles that have been released in 2023 by this prolific band!