Inspired by the revolutionary artistry of his namesake Pablo Picasso, DNA Picasso is a multifaceted hip-hop artist with a deep affinity for R&B. Using music as a medium for unrestricted self-expression, he has emerged as a formidable creative force in Denver and the industry at large. 


Born into foster care in New York, DNA and his twin brother moved to Los Angeles with their adoptive family at age five, then relocated to Colorado as teenagers. His musical odyssey first began in middle school when he started playing drums, a gateway to writing songs and freestyling in his high school years. Influenced by the narrative style of hip-hop icons like Lil Wayne, DNA’s music asserts his right to tell his tumultuous life story on his own terms. 


 DNA Picasso’s artistic versatility continuously captivates audiences, always leaving them guessing as to what he’ll do next. With collaborations spanning many genres, he transcends expectations as quickly as he sets them. Since 2018, DNA has become one of Denver’s most prominent promoters, showing a dedication to preserving urban culture with upwards of forty music and arts events a year. 


In 2019, DNA was crowned Best Solo Rap Artist at the Westword Music Showcase, solidifying his status as one of the Mile High City’s top emcees. The following year, he took the bold step of founding his own record label, Picasso Gvng Records, in order to help nurture the talents of other up-and-coming artists. The label’s debut collaborative album #PicassoGvngUniversity dropped in February 2021, boasting an impressive roster of rappers, singers, and producers. The same year, DNA unveiled two solo EPs, Midsummer and Summer’s Over, with the latter serving as a precursor to his 2023 full-length project The Color Blü


Named Best New Album of 2023 by Westword Magazine, The Color Blü is a profoundly personal and introspective autobiographical masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from Pablo Picasso’s “Blue Period,” DNA’s latest release embraces a newfound vulnerability, candidly assessing his relationships to love, grief, industry politics and mental health. DNA Picasso’s journey is a testament to the power of letting your struggles motivate your successes. 

As he fearlessly forges his unique path, he paves the way for other independent artists to create and thrive as their authentic selves.