Tomato Soup

Have you heard of Tomato Soup?

Tomato Soup is Denver’s most imaginative indie folk rock band. Established in 2022, this band of 6 is already stirring souls with their insightful songwriting and whimsical attitude towards genre. 

Made up of Alec Doniger, Adam Cabrera, Ronan Dowling, Riley Merino, Colin Sheehan, and Megan Ellsworth, Tomato Soup blends intimacy with energy during their live shows, captivating crowds with their onstage chemistry and passionate sound.

With just one listen of their debut album, “Dog Sounds”, available on all streaming platforms, you’ll understand why this little big band is poised to break through in the coming year. Their music feels at once familiar and yet refreshingly original. Each song takes you on a journey you didn’t quite expect, as poetic lyrics dance over creative instrumentation. By the end you’re left, soothed, hopeful, and wanting more. Meet your new favorite local band - Tomato Soup is here to nourish your musical soul!