Explore the rich soundscape of Jeanette//Streight, a Jazz/R&B duo rooted in the vibrant music scene of Denver, Colorado. Comprising vocalist Elyse Midgyett and instrumentalist Dylan Streight, the duo embodies a harmonious blend of diverse musical influences and genuine passion. 

Elyse, born and raised in Denver, has been an active presence in the city's music landscape since 2017, collaborating with various artists like Emma Mayes & the Hip, Kid Astronaut, Teresa Suydam, and +Ultra. Her musical journey, rooted in church starting at the age of 7, then honed at the Denver School of the Arts through her later childhood and adolescence, reached new heights with a degree in Music Industry Studies from the University of Colorado Denver. Her vocal versatility shone on a national stage, traveling the country with an award-winning a cappella group.

Dylan, a pianist since early childhood then picking up guitar shortly thereafter, spent his teenage years performing ska/alt-rock across Toledo and Columbus, OH. His academic journey led to a B.S. in Music with a Recording Arts Emphasis from the University of Colorado Denver, leading him to shape an original sound that merges Alternative with R&B undertones while staying true to his musical origins.

The fusion of Elyse's soulful vocals and Dylan's instrumental finesse forms the core of Jeanette//Streight. Their journey is a convergence of individual achievements, reflecting their shared love for music and a collective need for a jazz-styled musical outlet. Beyond personal triumphs, the duo embodies a harmonious blend of creativity and authenticity.

As Jeanette//Streight takes center stage, their performances resonate with a down-to-earth and creative energy that sets them apart. From gracing notable venues like City Park Jazz to opening for Mac Ayres and leaving their mark on the Underground Music Showcase, the duo is on an upward trajectory. Looking forward, their vision extends beyond the present, with plans to infuse more R&B into their cocktail jazz stylings, modernizing their sound and captivating audiences in new and exciting ways.