BVBES is genre-transcendent collaboration between Colorado musicians Maxwell Hughes and Nicholas Krenning (AKA Bonus Pool). Both bandmates and cousins, the two have developed a unique synergy, blending hip-hop rhythms, intimate folk, and flourishes of EDM into a distinctive, kaleidoscopic sound. Having built a strong reputation via word-of-mouth in their native Ft. Collins, the duo is beginning to attract national attention.

The band takes their name from a photo of the two members in strollers as children, symbolizing their lifelong connection. Their paths diverged slightly before they came together as BVBES, with Nicholas pursuing a multi-media career in Fine Arts while Maxwell excelled in a variety of musical projects. Their diverse backgrounds allow them to seamlessly blend a wide range of influences into something wholly original.

BVBES’ sound is all about creating good vibes. With a melting pot of fingerpicked guitars, trap-inspired percussion, and hypnotic electronic textures, the band’s style exists in a state of constant evolution. With several releases and national performances expected in the coming years, BVBES is poised to make a meaningful impact.