Born in 1999-2000 in Laramie, WYO.

Spangler has continued to evolve their unique sounding brand of heavy rock over the last 24 years. All while remaining true to its creative roots: long winters (frozen tundra), 70’s tv reruns, Stoner rock bands, badgering unsuspecting square types on the street, whiskey, etc…

Here’s what a Westword reporter had to say the last time we played FoCoMx:

Holy shit Spangler! Hard to believe anyone can make punk rock sound like a rebellion in 2010, but that is exactly what Spangler does. The band played the closing set at Surfside 7 and absolutely demolished the place. The songs were a drunken rage at first impact, but surprisingly tuneful the more you listened. So what if it's a well-trodden path -- "with passion it's true."