Jared Lydon Trio (JL3)

Featuring musicians deeply rooted in the Northern Colorado music scene, Jared Lydon Trio (JL3) creates a blend of styles offering tasteful grooves, funky acoustic beats, and respectful odes to classic tunes. Hosting a mix of original and covered material, there is no style and no emotion left untouched. Born of the idea to utilize music as therapy and always have a good time, JL3 is sure to leave a smile on your face and a melody in your head.


Established in 2023 in the Fort Collins music scene, JL3 members include Jared Lydon on vocals/guitar/harp (Last Waltz Again), Peter Boyle on vocals/bass/mandolin (formerly of Switchman Sleepin’), Jeremy Mooer on vocals/cajon/sunglasses (Colony Funk, Futaba, Cowbell Collective).


Come hang out with us in a pocket of familiarity, groove along, smile, and have a good time!