Cherokee Social

Cherokee Social frontman Julian Navarro took a huge chance and moved from Baltimore to Denver a few years back. Selling his old studio to migrate here and be a part of the Denver scene, he risked everything. In a short amount of time he became one of the most well known indigenous acts in the mile high city and became the first artist signed to Greg Ziemba and Thadeaous Mighell’s new Label Unit E Records. Soon after being signed he picked up local concert promoter and musician Alex Creighton to play guitar alongside him in the project. After rough touring schedules and hours in the studio they created a musical chemistry that shines through in their undeniably electric stage presence and songwriting. Early in November of 2023 they were able to open for fellow indigenous fronted acts Mato Wayuhi and Xiutezcatl on their recent Denver stop where they were embraced with open arms by the large and diverse audience. That show was the perfect tee up for their vinyl release show that sold out Lost Lake Lounge in Denver on January 5th, 2024. Riding the momentum from that show they are ready to bring their unique sound that combines indie rock sensibilities with booming native based percussion to the rest of the world.