Ducki is set to captivate audiences with their latest singles, "Fish?" and "Eternity," scheduled for release this upcoming month. Composed of vocalists Brooke and Signey, along with Brian, Will, and Andy, Ducki has been making waves since their formation last March.

With a musical style which embraces nostalgic and melancholy 90's vibes, Ducki draws inspiration from hypnotic melodic harmony, shoegaze-inspired folk rock, and shimmering guitar textures. Their thematic focus on female empowerment adds a distinctive layer to their sonic narrative.

Ducki's recent accomplishments include featured performances on KCSU's Live in Studio and Wolverine Farm's Residency Concert series in Fort Collins. The band is gearing up for an upcoming showcase at FoCoMx, solidifying their presence in the local music scene.

In addition to their musical endeavors, Ducki is gaining attention for their unique campaign aspirations. The band members have been spotted campaigning the tagline "Ducki for President", so make sure to remember to cast them your vote this upcoming election.