Ginger Whale

1. ginger whale (noun): an overweight beached, red haired unisex being, responsible for certain natural disasters like the earthquakes in haiti and katrina. Known only to emerge to feed or mate. Ginger Whale is the musical fusion of Matt Mahern (of Motorhome and Constitution) and Jason Downing (front man of the local favorite Musketeer Gripweed). Bringing their fiery leo manes, clever lyrics, and amazing vocals and guitar skills to the stage, these two put on an acoustic show like you've never seen. The band name is half obvious. Ginger is because they both have red hair. Whale stems from the sounds the audience makes instead of clapping. It's kind of like uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrruuuuaaa! Or something like that. We're basically just two guitars and whatever else you can make noise with, the Rev said. We have a lot of good skills. It's easy for both of us. He plays I sing, I play he sings. Fans can expect all the mystique of a Chriss Angel show without all of the make up.