Hot Fruit

Hi, We're Hot Fruit. We play rock and roll. Like, really swell stuff. We practice and everything. We are made up of former members of Bourbon Toothpaste, Bob Fortuna, and one guy from Equally Challenged. We enjoy long walks on the beach, crochet, gourmet popcorn, slim jims, and spontaneous wrestling competitions (usually at band practice). We play all original music, mostly because it's really hard to learn other people's stuff. We started as a dance troupe, but after years of drinking too much beer at practice we no longer fit in our leotards (inspite of the vigourous, spirited wrestling sessions). Sometimes, you gotta move on. And so we did! We all decided to leave our families and embarked on a ten year pilgrimage in a far off land known as Iowa. We learned the ways of their people, immersed ourselves in their language and culture, and after a short time, became enlightened. We're pretty woke, yo. We're what the kids call a "Power Trio" (finger air-quotes). As a "Power Trio" (finger air-quotes), we are able to provide electricity to the whole neighborhood for 3 days, all from just one practice. You might say we're positively "electric", and you'd be right. Literally. In all seriousness, we're very serious. We don't even smile. We rock hard, eat our vegetables, cuddle hard, throw rocks, and pet cats. We're very diverse, too. One of the guys in the band is from Wyoming, and we treat him the same as everyone else. Like I said: totally woke. We have one mission: to rock the shit out of Fort Collins. We stink up a lot of venues, if you know what I mean. Yours Truly, Us