iZCALLi (iːs kæ liː)

Is a genre-bending rock band pushing the sonic envelope of conventional Latin sounds. Miguel Aviña (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Brenda Aviña (Bass) and Luiggy Ramírez (Drums) combine to create music for the relentless, the determined…the immigrant song. Inherently authentic and undeniably refreshing. iZCALLi swigs its evolving sound from all wells of tradition, from Latin-tinged echoes to fuzz rock anthems saturated with rebellious spirit in English and in Español; creating the perfect molotov of nostalgia and euphoria, equal parts sweet and intoxicating. iZCALLi’s music ignites a sonic space to reconnect yourself with the present, to join what you’ve left behind with what you will recover, discover your heart, so you know you are home.