Kayla Marque

Kayla Marque’s musical journey began in her childhood Park Hill home in Denver, Colorado, coming from a creative and musical family, with her uncle, Larry Dunn of the legendary Earth, Wind, and Fire, her dad a saxophonist, her mom a writer, and her sister a Musician and dancer. While not originally set on a music career, in her teenage years her relationship with music shifted from a lighthearted hobby to an essential outlet for her to process her pain into beauty. She started going by her birth name, “Kayla Marque”, in 2012, and went on to release Live and Die Like This in 2016, an ethereal alternative pop album which launched Marque to the forefront of the Denver music scene. In 2020 Marque released Brain Chemistry, a transcendent double album that dives deep into themes of self love, trauma and mental health all through the concept of examining the Right Brain and Left Brain. Beginning a new era of her music career focused on “getting out of your head and into your body”, in 2021, Kayla Marque’s side project “The Grand Alliance” with Sur Ellz (Khalil Arcady) and Crl Crrll (Carl Carrell) released its funky, genre bending self-titled debut The Grand Alliance. Kayla’s long term goals are to utilize her platform for music as a way to impact positive change in her Denver community and globally with a focus on women’s rights and anti-racism activism, participating in groups like Creative Strategies for Change (CSC) and the Creative Bodies of Culture Advisory Council. Looking to the future, Kayla Marque’s next solo project promises to continue in a more playful energy, exploring themes of beauty, pleasure and fantasy, while still grounded by the raw honesty that ties all her music together.