Kid Astronaut

Kid Astronaut, a time and dimension-traveling musician hailing from the far reaches of outer space, has set his sights on becoming one of the greatest artists in the galaxy. Drawing from R&B/Soul, hip-hop, and punk influences and inspired by Marvel Comics, he creates a captivating universe of music, film, and art for his fanbase, "The Aliens."

Behind the cosmic persona is Jon Shockness, whose musical journey began with legends like Stevie Wonder and Prince. He evolved as part of his former band, Air Dubai, but found true purpose in 2015 when he transformed into Kid Astronaut. With the pursuit of embracing his voice and authenticity as a catalyst for transformation and possibility, this was reflected in his music through themes of intentionality, spirituality, and exploring new frontiers. Recent collaborations, singles like "Konami" and "Forget Me Not", and recent releases "222" and "Face Your Fears" showcase his ever-evolving artistry.

As Kid Astronaut ventures forward, his focus remains on reaching new artistic heights and sharing inspiration, motivation, and love with the world. Devoting his full passion and attention to his craft, Kid Astronaut is poised to carve out a legacy of extraordinary art and positive influence for future generations.