King Crawdad

Miles Mercer and Nick Perich formed King Crawdad in 2005. We have developed a strong musical bond and our chemistry has evolved in each of the 20 years we have played together. This band really became its best Tucker Valentine joined the band in 2020. The addition of his talent and energy has been better than anything we could have imagined. His presence has helped us further evolve, and we feel like we have a whole new set of possibilities open to us. The best way to describe our music is a raw combination of psych rock, garage rock, and alternative rock. King Crawdad performs with intense effort at all times. We use heartfelt and emotional lyrics to express ourselves and to try to put as much energy as we can into each performance. We recorded our first EP with Jason Larson in 2018, recorded our second EP with Alan Hlavacek in 2020, and recorded our third EP with Dylan Brown at the Blasting Room in 2020. We take pride in being able to create a raw, live feel for these recordings that truly captures our sound. In 2023, we recorded our first full-length album, “Serotonin Castle,” at Blasting Room. We feel this album is everything this band has ever wanted to be since our formation and we cannot wait to continue to push ourselves and create new boundaries. We have been so fortunate to get to be part of the Colorado music scene. We are eternally grateful to get to continually perform at so many great Fort Collins venues, be part of the DIY scene, and get the opportunity to share this phenomenal music scene that we love so much. The musicians in this city, the amazing venues, and festivals like Psychs Peak, Endless Fest, and FoCoMX make this city one of the best music hubs. We love playing live music in this scene, supporting bands, and going to as many local shows as possible!