Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Northern Colorado, KnifeKnife emerges as the fresh face of thrashcore. Comprising seasoned players deeply entrenched in the region's diverse music scene, KnifeKnife represents a convergence of talent and a shared love for the aggressive sounds of Thrash, Punk, Heavy Metal, and Hardcore.

    Craig, whose vocals epitomize the raw intensity of KnifeKnife. His delivery serves as a guttural proclamation of the band's collective rage, exploring themes of ancestral strife, personal vendettas, and the visceral connections that bind generations.

    Supported by the thunderous rhythms of Jaydon on drums and John on bass, KnifeKnife pulsates with a rhythmic ferocity that propels them forward like a juggernaut. The collaboration between Jaydon's precision drumming and John's earth-shattering bass lines establishes a sonic foundation that is both unrelenting and meticulously crafted.

    Bob's guitar work transforms into the sonic weapon through which KnifeKnife carves its musical legacy. The relentless onslaught of riffs, delivered with technical finesse and unrestrained aggression, showcases Bob's prowess as the sonic architect of KnifeKnife's assault.

    These musicians united with a singular vision: to unleash an auditory onslaught that would etch a permanent scar on the heavy music landscape. The result? The incendiary EP, "Bloodlines."

    "Bloodlines" is not merely an EP; it's a sonic blitz that leaves no eardrum unscathed. KnifeKnife invites you to plunge into the maelstrom, to embrace the chaos, and to let the bloodlines of aggression and rebellion course through your veins. Brace yourselves as KnifeKnife carves its name into the annals of Thrashers with "Bloodlines." The war has just begun, and KnifeKnife stands at the forefront, ready to paint the musical landscape red.