Lewis Turner

Raised at the foot of the Colorado Rockies, in the company of poets, musicians, nature lovers and spiritual seekers, Lewis Turner was predisposed to the artist’s way. Choosing music as his medium, Turner had early success with the release of his first single, “Get Out of My Head,” in 2019. The track gained popularity locally and around the world, breaking into the Alternative Pop category and logging more than half a million streams by early 2020.

Now, with the release of his debut studio album, Of Fibre and Fixes, Turner delivers a hauntingly beautiful collection of modern folksongs brimming with the candor and clarity of youth and the self-assured musical exploration of a maturing artist. For the album, Turner teamed up with production all-stars Tyler Lindgren and Andrew Berlin. Lindgren, known for his work with Colorado favorites TX2 and In the Whale, and Berlin, who has worked with Grammy nominated artist Gregory Alan Isakov and VMA winner Rise Against, bring an abundance of experience and talent to Turner’s unique interpretation of the Folk genre.

“Acoustic music is extraordinary,” says Turner. “There’s no emotion that can’t be shown, and there’s a rawness that has always drawn me.”

On Of Fibre and Fixes, he doesn’t hold back. Turner’s lyrics, shaped by innate curiosity and open-hearted sensitivity, draped in nature-based metaphor and blended with catchy melodies and dreamy soundscapes, invite the listener to settle in and enjoy the ride.

At just 20 years of age, Turner is honing a musical style that gives him freedom to slip between genres and play with lyrical themes and styles. It suits his penchant for experimentation in the studio and his passion for performing live. Turner was a Sonic Spotlight finalist in 2021, where his captivating performance earned him airtime on 105.5 FM The Colorado Sound and a live set at Washington’s, an iconic Fort Collins venue.

In 2023, he was a finalist in the Planet Bluegrass Songwriter Showcase, and was invited to perform at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival. Turner, who with his family attends the festival nearly every year, describes taking the stage at the event that inspired him to pursue music as a surreal and joyful experience.

With the release of his album, he now steps onto a bigger stage, to share his music with new audiences and tap into the elemental truths that bind us together. As Turner explains it, “Being able to honestly express your own experience and use music to connect that to the human experience of others is powerful and gratifying.”