Matt Mahern

Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Matt Mahern (sometimes known as “P-Mann”) started playing music at the age of 18 and never stopped. In 2000, Matt packed up his guitar and headed to Fort Collins, Colorado and received a Bachelor of Music degree at Colorado State University. Since relocating to Colorado, his focus on guitar, piano, songwriting, and the local music culture has led him to be a key player in the Fort Collins music scene. Matt has been a member of numerous bands throughout the years including Poor House, Bohdi Band, and Motorhome as well as many others. His musical career has led him to play a variety of styles including Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Americana, Country — you name it, he has probably played it (well, except for maybe Polka and Klezmer music although he has busted out a rendition of Hava Nagila in the past). Matt is known for his clever lyrics, his amazing guitar skills, and his sardonic stage banter. Matt likes to know the crowd has been entertained and makes sure of it every time.