Michael Kirkpatrick

Michael Kirkpatrick, Colorado-based singer, songwriter, and producer blends elements of acoustic fingerstyle and folk rock to cradle lush songscapes in a fuzzy paradoxical blanket of sunshine and fog. With a voice that ranges from a quiet rumble to powerful mountain-top exclamation, Michael's passionate vocals bring to life lyrics about dreams, sensuality, and reverence for nature.  


With over 30 years of experience on stage, Michael has toured extensively and won multiple awards for his songwriting, including the prestigious Telluride Troubadour award. His rich baritone voice, guitar and mandolin playing embracing an eclectic approach, and absurdly earnest storytelling have established him as a versatile and talented performer with a loyal audience.  Michael currently tours as a soloist, as the front man for the Neo-psychedelic New-Wave Americana band Violet Pilot and the Grateful Dead tribute act Pickin’ On The Dead.