Miguel Aviña

Miguel Aviña is a Mexican singer, songwriter, and producer. He is best known as the lead singer and guitarist of the band iZCALLi. He has enjoyed consistent success and is widely credited as one of the key artists of the Rock En Tu Idioma (RETI) movement in Colorado. As a solo artist, Miguel takes the opportunity to journey into a deeper exploration of music. His lyrics and melodies resonate from the heart and exude raw emotions. These are best exposed through a more simple approach… his voice and his guitar. Miguel’s repertoire includes all original songs from his storied career with iZCALLi as well as unreleased songs from his own personal collection. There is something familiar yet refreshing about Miguel’s approach to song-writing that showcases Miguel’s passion for The Love Song; these songs exhibit his wide range of influences from traditional folk ballads, pop, indie sounds, and are always tinged with a Latin flare, a flare that takes you into your heart warms the soul.