Rejekted Kauses

Rejekted Kauses creates meditative atmospheres out of the noise found in rhythm, percussion and the cycling beats that can happen in the midst of chaos.  Philosophically based in the idea of Iconoclasm and meditation; expressed in live performance as the 'noise shaman' of Northern CO.

Making noise music in Northern CO for over 20 yrs Ragz Rejected has found permanent boundaries within the personal noise project Rejekted Kauses. Having played FoCoMX numerous times as well as hosting a monthly noise night at long missed GNU Gallery Rejekted Kauses has become a staple of Fort Collins noise since 2010. In addition to solo endeavours he was also a principle part of the industrial and performance art group Die Eisenhauer, which also played FoCoMX in the GNU Gallery era. Highlights for that group was a junk show played at ReSource yard in which all of the instruments played that night came from the used construction supply and equipment sold by ReSource yard.