The 14ers

Life is a shared experience and music is the universal language that brings us all closer together. The 14ers is an adventure-inspired music project led by outdoor travel guide and songwriter Ryan Kirkpatrick, based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Refining their own signature style of Mountaintop Folk-Pop, The 14ers are back and sounding better than ever with a new full-length album stocked with radiant passion, endearing melodies, and refreshingly authentic songs. Ryan draws songwriting inspiration from the places and the people surrounding him as he travels around the globe sharing his love for the outdoors leading skiing, photography, and hiking trips from Colorado to Mount Kilimanjaro. Over time, these special moments and experiences become the songs that document not only Ryan’s own journey in life and music, but of those around him. Some of us live in big cities or spend our days among buildings, cars, and screens. Some of us get so busy and stressed that we forget to enjoy ourselves, each other, or to explore our own backyards. It’s easy to forget that we’re all in this world together and we don’t know how long we’ll even be here. With their new album, The 14ers have managed to punch your ticket for an auditory vacation meant only to make you smile and enjoy all of those very things. Ryan is entirely grateful for the opportunity to make music with such extraordinarily talented, unique, and expressive players; they’ve become more than friends, they’re a family of kind-hearted musicians and humble, down-to-earth people.